Movement Therapy

I have been moving and learning since the age of 6 months when I had my first swimming lesson. I have not stopped since. I will not stop until I can help as many people find betterment in their lives. Whether it be weight loss, pain management, fitness, strength gains, skill acquisition or all of the above.


Attaining betterment in my career has included a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Certificate IV of Training & Assessment. It includes 25 specialist courses and certifications of further education. It involves training clients and trainers all over the country and presenting at International Fitness Conferences in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.

Writing a bio about who I am is not what this is about. What I really want to tell you is what I stand for. What I stand for will be the reason you agree with what I have to say and it will allow you to understand why I have undertaken so much to further myself in my career.


What I stand for is doing things BETTER. Training better, eating better, living better. I stand for bettering myself, my skills and how I work with people everyday. My ethos is to get my clients to be better than they were last time I saw them. My ethos for the trainers I have educated and trained is for them to be more effective and have a deeper understanding to get out there to make YOU (the clients) BETTER!

If your focus or your goal is to grow, change and be BETTER, you can always find progress somewhere in your life. You can always strive to achieve something and you will always find something to be passionate about. Being better isn’t about just fitness or weight loss, it’s a way of life. Being better and striving for better can shape a new path in the health and wellness industry. I have always said; “It’s not about the way you look, it’s about the way you live.” If I aim to live better everyday then I can transfer that belief to every aspect of my life and I can help you transfer it to yours. Together we can be better everyday.

If you want something better than the norm, allow me to help you find betterment.