Is Australian workplace culture toxic? Part 1

  Warning: This blog comes with a large emotional investment from ME, the person who cares greatly about her clients wellbeing and wants to create real change. Work Life Balance. I preach it, I try to walk the talk, I give suggestions, I listen and I continue to have NO idea on how to help… Continue reading Is Australian workplace culture toxic? Part 1

How to eat – My Story

My name is Michael and welcome to my side of the blog with my girlfriend Vanessa. I first wanted to give you a history of my food life. I was a fussy eater as a child & I was fat from the age of 7 until, at 21, I decided overnight that this needed to… Continue reading How to eat – My Story

Treat your bad diet habits like a break up!

Imagine you are two weeks post break up. You walk past your favourite cafe that was your regular haunt when you were with your boo. You reach for your phone to text said person, then you remember; you are not together. They are not good for you and you know it. It hurts to think… Continue reading Treat your bad diet habits like a break up!

Health Shaming & Social Sabotage

It's Saturday night and you are out at a bar with your friends. It's 9pm and you're friends are about to hit the third round of drinks. You were feeling excellent; happy to see your friends and having a great catch up. You have also had a great week of training and eating, sticking to… Continue reading Health Shaming & Social Sabotage

Vanessa Leone Movement Therapist

Welcome to the Movement Therapy Journey This is my space to write down thoughts, expert opinions, facts and information about what I do, how I do things and things I can help you with. I want this to be a page for you to read for insight, enjoyment and empowerment. I can't wait to bring… Continue reading Vanessa Leone Movement Therapist